Friday, April 30, 2010

Rimmel :)

*~Airy Fairy~*

So I was at CVS on the hunt for the perfect mascara which I think I have I finally found it but thats a whole different posting :). So while I was there I picked up a lipstick by rimmel called Airy Fairy 070. I blame this on Youtube because of the videos raving on this lipstick I had to get it. I agree with the videos it is a very nice lipstick. It is a mauve color when you look at it out of the package but once on it is a nice shade of like a frosty pink. The frost is slight so very suitable to a variety of skin shades. It suits my skin and I am a NC40.. It is so soft and creamy and has a slight sweet scent nothing to overwhelming. The packaging is nice and sleek. Staying power is decent but you do need to re apply every now and then. That isn't a con when the price is only $5.95!! Definite Steal!

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