Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Beauty Myths

I'm going to take a different approach I'm going to post more informative information as well as the regular makeup look and reviews here and there. Today I decided to post some Beauty Myths.

- Someone told me that if I use a ponytail, my hair can break and fall out.
Pulling your hair back really tightly every day can put stress on it, and it can break off. As long as you don't do this on a daily basis or use uncoated elastics or elastics with metal clasps you shouldn't experience breakage.

-French Fries, Chocolate, pizza, chips, and other foods make you skin break out.
Although these food aren't necessarily the best it hasn't been scientifically proven to cause breakouts. If these foods break you out then you probably should stay away or you may have allergies.

-Bad hygiene cause pimples.
Usually people with pimples tend to wash their face to frequently and to roughly. This can strip oil from he skin and cause your body to secrete even more oil to compensate leading to dry pimply skin!

-Lots of lather means that my shampoo is working better.
This doesn't necessarily mean its working better. It just means it may have extra foaming agents to make it lather but it isn't making your hair cleaner. It may not even be as gentle as a low lather shampoo.

-It's bad to mix different brands of skincare and cosmetics.
This is a marketing ploy that may have been started by a cosmetics exec to encourage loyalty to one brand. Sometimes it better to mix things up.

The next posting will probably be one of a similar nature with more beauty myths :)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Smokey Eye

I was bored today and had already done my makeup. Nothing special just winged eyeliner and mascara. I decided to play around with some makeup. I decided I would try my hand at a smokey look that involves black. I definitely needed the practice because for some reason whenever I try to use black idk what goes wrong maybe I use to much Idk. So I used a 217 and black e/s from the Coastalscents 88 matte pallete. The result was a lot nicer than I expected. The only negative? I was staying HOME!! lolz.. Does that ever happen to you? You have absolutely no plans what so ever and the makeup is flawless but as soon as you try to re- create it to go out it falls apart? I hate that lolz.. So i included a picture below. I used three colors black mostly a light shade of brown sort of like Soft brown from Mac. I also used a color that was close to my skin color for the inner corner. As a highlight I used a light shimmery color that resembles Stila Kitten. In a the picture it looks sort of grey in some ares I think it might be the lighting.. :)