Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Beauty Myths II

Cutting your hair makes it grow faster.
Your hair grows at the roots, not the end. If your hair is short, you will notice it more when it grows, but that's about it. Of coarse getting regular trims keeps your hair healthy.

Sun exposure clears up acne.
When you tan, your acne may look less obvious, but tanned skin is drier and causes the skin to stimulate more oil, which can cause more pimples. Plus, many acne medications make the skin sensitive to the sun, and the interaction can make you break out or develop a rash.

Wash your hair twice when you shampoo.
Unless your hair is filthy, there's no good reason to wash your hair twice, and it may actually strip too many natural oils from your hair.

If it's a cloudy day at the beach, you don't need sunscreen.
The sun's damaging UVA and UVB rays penetrate the clouds, and they can still damage your skin.

You can make your pores smaller.
You can make your pores look smaller by plumping the surrounding skin with moisturizer or by using certain types of "pore refining" lotions or makeup. On the other hand, when a pore is clogged with a blackhead, bacteria, or dead skin, it can stretch and appear bigger until it's unclogged. But your pores are not like a door or window that you can open and shut.