Sunday, July 25, 2010


I Know this is a bit random but it has to do with your skin right? I've always wanted a tattoo but for several reasons I refrain. So0o.. recently I looked up on it.. Can anything go wrong when you leave your skin in the care of the tattoo artist? Is it just me or do they look a little to happy to stab you in the skin with a needle? ( I've seen my friend get one, which is probably another reason I have held myself) So now on to the info..

5 little tiny complications

1- Infection- Needles that aren't sterile can transmit infectious disease like hepatitis or even HIV.

2- Allergic Reactions- Reactions to the color used in tattoos are rare, but hey it can happen. Okay I admit this one is a little bit lame.. but hey it still counts!

3-Granulomas (dont you love this word)- Raised nodules that can form around foreign substances in the body such as tattoo pigments. (gross?)

4- Keloids- These are scars that can form from tattoo or from removal.

5- Complication with removal- Getting rid of a tattoo takes several treatments, and there is a risk of scarring.

# 4 and 5 have some really detailed pics.. if you know what I mean.. Dont check it out if your squeamish :)..

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