Monday, August 2, 2010

Bottom Drawer Beauty

To keep yourself looking fresh throughout the day- or to make the last minute transformation from day to night when you're heading straight from the office out on a date- stash these items in your bottom desk drawer:

- Concealer- to touch up the undereye area and any other spots (the area around the nose) or blemishes that need coverage.

- Powder, blotting papers, a mattifier or a shine stick- to tone down the 4 p.m. shine

-Blush and Lip tint- to give you back some color, especially if it's been fading under fluorescent lights.

-Toothbrush. toothpaste, and mini mouthwash-(self explanatory) stinky breath :)

-A mini bottle of rose water or mineral water to hydrate your skin.

-Eye Drops, especially if you get that bloodshot "Dawn of the Dead" look from staring at the computer screen.

-Lip Balm- for your crusty lips.

-Hand Cream to apply throughout the day- make it a habit nobody likes the look of dry ashy hands.

-A sample size jar of moisturizer to pat on areas that have been dehydrated by dry air

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